This book opened my eyes, through the “f-bombs” and the light-hearted approach, it unpicked an uncomfortable chest of money mindset baggage that I hadn’t recognised before. For thirty plus years a (familiar I’m sure) money story of a relative’s bad investment advice and financial ruin had chipped away and made me afraid of money. I had convinced myself I had a finite “pot” of money available to me, which could not and would not be replaced. I am not afraid to admit the revelation had me in tears.

Denise Duffield-Thomas is a self-described ‘money mindset mentor’ who helps women work on their attitudes to money. A lot of her work is aimed specifically at female entrepreneurs, but I think that most women can benefit from her lessons, whether you own a business or not

If you are interested in getting what you deserve in life; if you feel that you are undervaluing yourself and holding yourself back, then this is something you need to give this book a chance. You may finish with a different perspective, but these are the two things that made the biggest impact on me.

Money blocks

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! is subtitled ‘release your money blocks and live a first class life’. The first half of the book is dedicated to identifying and clearing your money blocks.

So what is a money block? Simply put, a negative belief or attitude around money. According to Duffield-Thomas, everyone has these blocks which are holding them back from their full earning potential. It could be something you’re very aware of, or it could be something subconscious – perhaps a deep-seated childhood memory.

Everybody has blocks to some degree, but women often have more of them than men. A lot of it comes from the way girls are brought up to be ‘nice’, and how we’re used to seeing men as the highest earners and might not feel comfortable stepping into that role ourselves.

Some examples of common money blocks are:

  • I shouldn’t earn more than my partner/father/friends
  • To get rich I’ll have to work 24/7, which means my family will suffer
  • Rich people are greedy
  • People from my background just don’t get rich
  • My friends will be jealous and dump me if I start earning more than them

If any of these ring true, you might subconsciously be sabotaging your career or business to avoid becoming rich!

The section on money blocks was really valuable for me. I’ve been reading and writing about money for several months now, but I was amazed how much I learned about myself working through this section.

In my case, I realised I was still holding grudges against ex-boyfriends and former employers who I blamed for messing up my finances years ago! A lot of memories came back reading this section.

Thanks to Lucky Bitch, I’m working on getting a grip, and moving on to the next part… making more money!

Manifesting money

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! is also strongly centred around the idea of ‘manifesting money’. This refers to the law of attraction: the concept of attracting what you want through positive thoughts, first introduced in Napoleon Hill’s personal finance classic Think and Grow Rich and later popularised in the 2006 book and film The Secret.

My understanding of the law of attraction was that you basically just told ‘the universe’ what you wanted, and then sat back and waited for mystical forces to happen. Clearly a load of woo-woo rubbish.

Ok, this book is still a little woo-woo in places, but it also has an emphasis on taking action yourself to manifest what you want. Duffield-Thomas explains how the most important action to take is changing your mindset, and the rest will fall into place from there.

So if you want to earn an extra £1000 each month, you don’t just announce it to the universe and then sit back and wait for the money to roll in. Rather, you set a clear goal for what you want, and repeat it morning and night. You make sure you’ve cleared any money blocks and aren’t self-sabotaging your own business. You remain completely focused on your goal and confident that you will make it happen.

Then, you start getting out there and looking for opportunities to make it happen! The more focused you are on your goal, the more receptive you’ll be to any little opportunities will come your way, and the harder you’ll be working to make your own luck.

I’m still not exactly a convert to the whole law of attraction thing. But, I do think that following some of the principles can bring results, regardless of the workings behind it.

Many experts agree that mindset, focus and motivation are the key ingredients in success. Maybe it doesn’t matter so much what you believe, as long as you’re taking positive action.

Step 1: Clearing all the possible obstacles for your biggest goal.
Steps 2&3: Getting specific & creating practical daily magic.
Step 4: Creating ripples & making it all happen… in the real world.
Step 5: Learning the “not so magic” words that bring it all together.

A Final Thought

For me, this book wasn’t a one-time read. I read over it once to get an idea of Denise’s process, but have re-read it so I refine what I do with the information.

It’s hard to find that “it” self-help book but for me, this is it. I’m a laid-back, workaholic introvert and loved the fact that this book showed me clear ways to take action with what I do have while boosting my self image (in a non-damaging way).

I’d expect this to be a great part of any self-improvement library, even if it’s not your foundation book.

You can purchase your own copy HERE