Aligned hustle is a term that I have recently heard about but apparently it has been around for a couple of years.

The current definition of success goes something like this: Hustle or Work hard. Sacrifice. Reach for the top. Push Harder. Don’t slow down. Keep your eye on the prize. Happiness is at the finish line.

The thing is, we know by now that even some of the richest, most successful “hustlers” out there can end up depressed, burned out, full of anxiety, with no time to enjoy their lives, and without the satisfaction they believed their success would bring. So what’s wrong with this picture? What is it that we are missing? Is it time we re-define success?

Aligned Hustle

The video below, features Kosta Stoyanoff of Uplifted Life, who completely debunks the old story of success and replaces it with one that will resonate with the very core of your being. Are you ready to make the shift? Have you already?

In essence, aligned hustle means instead of focusing on hustling, we focus on aligning ourselves. On taking time to rest and recharge, and focusing a few key hours of the day on getting the optimal work done. Instead of stressing ourselves out and pushing ourselves to over-working and exhaustion, we should reflect on our goals, and spend time aligning ourselves with the right tools and resources, and then absolutely smash our goals.

3 Tips to Getting into Alignment With Your Goals

A Final Thought

The ‘doing’ without the ‘feeling’ is the easy part. The hustle and grind are not particularly special. The true focus and work starts when you can find your stillness, find your trust, find your flow and just ‘vibe with it’. Allowing space for the magic you’re creating to happen. Being guided by the flow instead of forcing it. Trusting the process instead of attaching to the outcome.

If you can remain committed to your alignment, and true to your vision, when you do get caught up and swept away by the worldly illusions of that hustle (and you will), you can rest assured that somehow some way you will always get knocked back into that alignment…literally.

Whether something gets shaken up, stirred up, or messed up, you will always be summoned back to that vision. All you have to do is show up for the work and stay true to your commitment.