So I have been learning all about the self-coaching model and I want you to know what the self-coaching model is so that you can apply it in your life to get the results you want in your future.

This all stems from the way that you think about things and particularly what you believe is possible for your future.

I learned the Self-Coaching Model from Brooke at the Life Coach School, but it’s worth mentioning that although she created the tool, she didn’t invent the theory.

If I Can Believe It, So Can YOU!:

I feel like there is an epidemic at the moment because I talk to so many people who don’t believe in themselves. They don’t believe they can make money. They don’t believe they can lose weight. They don’t believe they can have a six or seven figure business.

When I tell people I plan on having a seven figure business, their eyes get soo wide and they’re like “oh my gosh” and they’re like “well how much are you making now”.

I’m like “five figures” and they’re like “really, do you really believe that you can make seven, you’re your only making five?

I’m like “Yes, I do”.

I’m going to make seven figures. It’s not going to be overnight. It’s going to be a process. I will because I believe it right?

I really believe it and I just want you to know that you can believe anything you want and the way that I know that this is true is from the self-coaching model.

The Basics of the Model:

So it’s going to get a little technical but it’s super easy to understand and applicable and you can use this for anything in your life.

There are many thought leaders who refer to components of the model without calling it this.

There’s five components to the model.

  1. Are your circumstances.
  2. Are your thoughts.
  3. Are your feelings.
  4. Are your actions or reactions.
  5. Are your results.


Circumstances are anything in your life that are facts. It’s your past, it’s other people, it’s anything that can be proven in the court of law. For example, I have a mother, I have a father, I have three younger brothers, etc. 


Thoughts are sentences in your head. Thoughts that are repeated enough become beliefs. Thoughts are trigged by circumstances but are completely optional. Thoughts cause feelings.


Feelings are vibrations in your body caused by your thinking (contrast this with sensations, which are caused from outside your body, like hot or cold). Your feelings cause all your actions.


Actions (or inactions or reactions) are what you do (or don’t do).


Results are the effect of your actions.

You can change your life

All of this is to say you can literally hacked your brain to think and believe whatever you want, to get the results you want.

This is so mind-blowing. So what do you believe is possible?

The future has not happened yet. You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow but all you do know is what you’re thinking in your head and that thinking is going to lead to the feelings, which is going to lead to the actions, which is going to lead to the results.

You know this. Think about people who you’ve known for a while, who have the exact same results in their life that they’ve had for the last five years. They just keep repeating old thought patterns which keeps repeating the same results. If you want different results in your future all you have to do is change your thinking.

This is so amazing! It’s totally up to you! It gives you complete responsibility and you don’t want anyone else to have responsibility for what’s possible in your life.

A Final Note

 I love believing in possibilities.

I love the fact that I will build a six-figure business. And I’m thinking bigger and actually thinking of building a seven-figure business. It’s so exciting to me.

So I want you to think for yourself.

  • How much money do you think is possible for you to make?
  • How much money do you think is possible for you to have, save, give?
  • Why do you think you can make 40 grand a year or 60 grand a year and not 100 grand or a million or beyond?
  • Do you think that money is tied to time, energy and how hard you work?

What are your belief systems because those belief systems will literally create the results you have in your life.

Look around. Look to your past. Look to other people.

Beliefs always lead to the results you have in your life so I encourage you ask yourself:

  • what am I thinking
  • what am I feeling

and notice that those are all choices and you can truly believe anything is possible.


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