I’m so EXCITED to share with you what happened last weekend….

So every year Arbonne host their annual conference (UK AAC) where thousands of consultants come together to LEARN, GROW and CELEBRATE the past years success.

I must say…. this years was the BEST YET!!! I have NEVER been more in love with this business than I am today and that is because of my incredible team!!

What an HONOUR watching them flourish and live their BEST LIFE!

I am SO proud….

I had the honour of watching these incredible women and men walk the stage in front of 3000 people being recognised for their achievements this past year!

To watch their faces as EVERYONE in the arena cheered for them was priceless!

I can’t tell you how obsessed I am to help even MORE people walk the stage next year!!!

This business is SO much more than products, its a vehicle to help you live your BEST LIFE!!!
Kim Mellor
Kim MellorReginal Vice President

We also had the most amazing training from Mel Wells who is a Self Love expert, Author and Speaker on how to become your own hero!!

Natasha Hamilton from Atomic Kitten also sang 2 of her classic songs which took me back many years!!! Natasha is also an Arbonne Independant Consultant.

I’m here to remind you that

Don’t ever let ANYONE who gave up on their dreams tell you that you can’t achieve yours because you CAN!!!!

When was the last time you got CELEBRATED, RECOGNISED and were told that you are ENOUGH?!!!

A Final Thought

I am SO proud of my tribe…. I AM who I am because of ALL of them. WHY NOT YOU? WHY NOT NOW?

I am on a MISSION to help 1 million people live their BEST LIVES through Arbonne and I would LOVE for you to be one of them!!

**I am looking to coach 5 people this month to live their best life…. do you want to be one of them?**

Some more pictures from AAC