One of the most serious and powerful facts in human nature is that you are likely to get what you are basically expecting. If you spend years developing the mental attitude of expecting that things are not going to turn out well, you are likely to get that result. You create a mental condition slanted to an unhappy outcome. If, on the contrary, you develop and maintain a mental attitude of faith and expectancy —hoping, dreaming, believing, praying, working—you will create conditions in which every good thing can and will grow. Fill your mind with the positive power of spiritual expectancy and God (I’m christian so I say God but if your not, you can say ‘The Universe’) and His good will flow toward you.

Let Go Of Negativity And Move On

Letting go of pain, fear or anger from the past can be challenging, but it is a hugely empowering act that can dramatically improve your self-confidence and enhance your quality of life. When you learn how to let go of negativity from the past, you can start to focus more on the present moment and worry less about things that you cannot control (eg. your past and the future). Whether it’s a mistake you made in the past, someone who hurt you or just something you keep remembering which causes you pain; don’t hold on to it, it won’t serve you now or serve your future.

Holding onto the past is always damaging in some way. Even holding onto positive events from the past creates limitations in people’s lives and sets boundaries for the future. Could you imagine someone who is living a successful life today spending all of their time reliving a goal they failed to meet 10 years ago? No, they likely learned from their failure but then moved on and achieved many other successes.

Showing gratitude for the good things in your life now, is perhaps the most powerful happiness boosting activity there is. Not only will it make you happier, but it can also make life better for everyone around you. 

If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the moment.
Lao Tzu
Lao TzuAncient chinese philosopher and writer

6 Ways to be Positive About the Future

Being positive about the future involves focusing on constructive things in the present and building on them as you ignore the negativity around you. But this is easier said than done. Here are a few ways in which you can be positive about the future all the time.

1. Take motivation from your bad past

Thinking about the past is going to be inevitable. So instead of letting a troublesome past depress you, let it inspire you to reach greater heights. Channelize the frustration of a bad past and convert it into encouragement that pushes you to plan for a better and brighter future. Keep reminding yourself that if you continue to live your life with negativity, your future will just be an extension of your painful past.

2. Be positive about the future by being successful in the short term

Positiveness will remain a nebulous feeling for you until you take constructive steps to permanently induce it as a habit and an attitude. You cannot say that you are positive for the next twenty years of your life if you have done nothing in the present to prove so. Set short terms goals and achieve them to prove to yourself and others that you are equipped to be a positive person and look forward to a fantastic future.

3. Remember that you control your future

If you want to remain positive about the future, you must remember that it is in your hands to do so. Don’t wait for something positive to suddenly happen in your life or for someone to come and bail you out of your current circumstances. Tell yourself every day that you must be positive about the future and take steps to mold it the way you want to.

4. Converts regrets into reasons for success

Everyone has regrets in life, big or small. It is not possible to change what you regret, but it is possible to convert regrets into your reasons for success. If you regret not having done something perfectly, change that by doing that particular thing again but only this time, you must do it perfectly. Every time you convert one of your regrets into a reason for success, you will be able to become more positive about your future.

5. Have an idol or mentor

Having an idol or mentor who can give you a positive outlook is extremely important because you may need a fresh perspective occasionally. You must have someone in your life who will pull you up when you are making a mistake or push you to do things when you feel down. Having a mentor is like having a backup who you can resort to every time you need help. This will keep you reassured and positive about the future.

6. Don’t stop trying

Positivity is a state of mind which you cannot acquire unless you back it up with actions. If you want to be positive about the future all the time, take actions that help you reach that goal. Troubleshoot effectively, get over petty things in life, learn to accept criticism gracefully and keep trying again and again until you move on. If you make this a habit, you will never have negative thoughts because you will always assure yourself to do better next time.

A Final Thought

You have the power to change your future! It’s very easy to live in the past. To ruminate over the mistakes made or the painful or unfair experiences we have endured. Whatever your past holds, leave it there. Life Is Now. Use the wisdom you have gained from your past to apply to the present. Your future will be as bright as you allow. Don’t recreate your past by dwelling on it. What you think about and do today is creating your tomorrow. So don’t bring your past into your future. Be willing to change…it’s never too late. Be willing to let go and create a future you truly desire. Today, you stand in a place that allows you to change your future. Will you take the chance and do it? 


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