Whenever there’s something I want in my life that I don’t already have, I look at my plans. If I don’t have a plan to make it happen, I know it won’t happen.

Today, I want to show you what that means down to the day to day level. I want to show you how to plan your day.

You have to start big picture. That’s the key. When you start big picture and break it down into smaller actions and calendar entries, then you will accomplish your goals and design the life you want.

There’s no point in planning your day just to plan your day. You need to know what the end goal is and what you value most, to plan your day the right way.

Here are my best resources for big picture planning (goal setting):

1. Choose The Right Tool

2. Create Calendars For Categories

3. Fill In The Week Ahead

4. Do What’s On Your Calendar

5. Say No To Everything Else

My Favorite Planning Tips

The process above is how you actually plan your day.

I also want to add in a few of my favorite planning tips…

  1. Always put the results you want to produce on your calendar. So, in the example above where it says “work,” if you have specific results you want to produce (like if you run your own business), go into the entry and add the specific results you plan to produce during your workday. Do this for each day.
  2. Give yourself enough time. Make sure that you give yourself the right amount of time for the thing that you need to do. So, even your #1 priority might not need the most time. It just needs enough time. (E.g.: If health is a #1 priority, you may only need to devote 1 hr per day to it).
  3. Turn obstacles into strategies. Whenever you feel stuck or like you’re not sure how to do what you want to do, make a list of obstacles and turn them into strategies. I don’t know why this works so well, but it does.
  4. Don’t sit in indecision. Being indecisive takes so much energy and it kills your plans. You’ll basically spin out and waste a bunch of time. It also feels really responsible and it’s not. If you struggle with making decisions quickly, learning how to make decisions is a skill that’s totally worth working on. Total life changer.
  5. Evaluate your plans. I’m all about a good plan, but you also have to make sure the plan is working. It’s not enough to do the plan. You have to take a look and see if it’s getting you the results you want. Give your plan time. Make sure you don’t rush it. But take enough action so that you have results you can evaluate on.
  6. Stop being busy. Check out this related blog post.

A Final Thought

The point of all this planning is so you do what you want to do and can design the future you want—not what someone else wants.

If you actually know how to plan your day, and do it every day, you’ll be in a totally different place a year from now.

I’m amazed at the last year. I’m creating my dream future and it all happened because I made the plans and took action.

You can do it, too.

I do get friend asking me to meet up in 1-2 days (or less). I say no, I’m booked but I have room in a few weeks. That’s how I make sure I prioritise my life and make sure it happens. It means there’s a little FOMO, but it’s 100% worth it.