Do you feel like your dreams are fading further and further away? Life keeps passing you by, and so do your dreams. You’re starting to believe you may have missed it. But you know deep in your soul you were made for more!

The other day at our annual nation christmas gathering, I heard something from a friend and business partner that’s had me thinking ever since.

While talking to my friends sister, the awesome Hettie Gifford said “You can put your dreams back on the table.”

It was like a shock of electricity. It awoke childhood memories, ideas from years past. I recalled places I dreamed of travelling to, like Hong Kong and Australia and South Africa. I recalled the folder of homes from my first vision board.

But most of all, it created a feeling inside me, one that hasn’t subsided since.

Why Do We Stop Dreaming?

Why have the majority of people stopped dreaming? Why have the majority of people just become content with the timid lives that they have stumbled into? Why have people stopped living? And why have people just given up on themselves?

The main factors that confine people seems to be a lack of belief within themselves and fear of the unknown. You have to believe in a greater future for yourself and see yourself achieving your goals, and you have to stop being afraid to take action. Fear is not real, it is just false negative assumptions that the mind tries to make you believe.

The journey for my lost dreams began when I created reasons in my mind for why my dreams of helping humanity would not happen. I had become my very own dream snatcher! I had begun to taste the bitterness of heartache, heartbreak and disappointment.

What’s Disempowered You?

Sometimes we begin to believe that we are stuck with our situation until we are given permission to believe otherwise.

Whether disempowered by a job, our physical ill-health, an unhealthy relationship, toxic friends, a serious lack of time or dire financial situation – these obstacles to our happiness become a giant energy drain and can seem insurmountable.

Reasons Why You Should Dream Big

🌱 Thoughts are things: What you think, you become

🌱 Your focus is altered and you notice different things

🌱 Suddenly, your life moves in the right direction

🌱 You begin to realize that self-improvement is a necessity, not an option

🌱 When you fail, you can recover quicker

🌱 You begin to effectively manage your time

🌱 The word impossible doesn’t apply to you anymore

🌱 You begin to seek out inspiration in others who’ve succeeded

🌱 When bad habits hold you back, you begin to notice it more

🌱 You start sweating the small stuff

🌱 Little by little, your small achievements stack up

You can read deeper into each reason here.

Action Steps To Help You Dream Big

🌱 Do something you used to do as a kid, but don’t do anymore – Think back when they were a child or a young person and make a list of the things you enjoyed. Then pick one or more and do it again. It may seem silly to spend a Saturday morning watching old cartoons, but what this does for us is remind us of how we felt as a child. It makes us laugh and lifts our thoughts from day to day stuff.

🌱 Get into the “learning zone” – This is the zone outside your comfort zone. This is taken from the book by Susie Larson, called “Your Beautiful Purpose”. Learning zone is so apt because this is most likely the place that we find ourselves uncomfortable, but growing!

🌱 Set aside some time for dreaming – If we aren’t bringing our focus on it, then we won’t do it. So, I recommend you set aside even just a few minutes every single day to dream. For each person this will look different. It may be a morning quiet time with a cup of tea. It may be journaling time at the end of the day. It may even be time when you are walking or exercising. But if we consciously set aside time that we know we are going to be thinking about what we want for our future, we are also allowing ourselves space to create that future. 

🌱 Write it out – Writing is a powerful tool and really can help us tap into dreaming again. Write a letter to your future self. Write it 6 months to a year in the future. Write it like you are writing to your best friend and giving them all the news of your life. What does life look like, what are you doing and how are you feeling? When writing this way, I find that people are surprised about how positive they feel. How excited they are to pull the letter out and read it at a later time or date.

🌱 Create a Vision Board! – I am so obsessed with this step that I no longer have a board, I have a WALL in my bedroom 🙂 A vision board can be virtual, but I like to do mine the old school way. This is where you take a piece of poster board (in my case a wall), some glue sticks and some magazines. You go through the magazines looking for pictures or words that call to you. Don’t question it, just start cutting things out. When you feel like you have enough, you start pasting them to the poster board. Some people set up quadrants and do specific areas of their life; work, family, fun, etc. When I am vision boarding, I don’t do that. I just start pasting in a way that feels good to me. After all, my life may include segments, but I want all those segments to intertwine and flow in a way that fulfills all of me. No matter how you proceed, putting a visual aspect to what we want and love in our lives can really set our minds working on the HOW to get it for us. 

A Final Thought

Give Yourself Permission To Dream Again

Dust off that old cork board, cover it in fabric and some images torn from old magazines. Make a picture of those dreams you have had for your life, and put them back on the table.

Or at least, hang them above the table.

Visualise your life dreams, think them through and take steps every day to make them happen.

Which reminds me of one of my favourite sayings and questions…

“What would you do, if you knew you couldn’t fail?”


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🌱 Put your dreams back on the table. — Sar Allen