Welcome, 2020!

Earlier this week, I spoke with my friends on our whatsapp group saying that I was going to make tee-shirts that said ‘I survived 2019.’

They responded in droves! Some people want two, some of who I thought were my happiest peeps wanted extra large, a special person I know ask me for a super duper blinged up version.

And it made me realise, if the past 12 months have been a hard slog, at least we’re not alone in that feeling.

Heck, from the looks of it - myself included - this past year on Instagram has been all sweetness and light, selfies, good food and giggles. Hasn’t it?

Real life's not like that

Then again, maybe not. Real life’s not like that, even though we edit ourselves online. It can be more like a rollercoaster ride that you sometimes want to get off, but learn to grip harder and dig in.

We’re all so busy and important. We juggle, spread ourselves thin, say yes, get the guilts, can’t live without our mobile devices for a nanosecond. We meditate but old habits die hard.

This blog is about making a habit of happy. It’s going to put modern-day happiness under the microscope, explore the research, both old and new, test the philosophies, give it a good shake out and report back.

It’s going to provide helpful insights and useful content, but I can’t guarantee it won’t verge into self-indulgent territory. Just on the odd occasion.

Let’s question ourselves and others as well as brands and organisations, to find out what makes us tick, what makes us happy and unhappy, and call B-S on the facade that we’re "supposed to be absolutely ok", all of the time.

It's Okay, To Not Be Okay!

We’re not always expected to be hunky dory. The up and down, the struggle and triumph, the being stuck in a rut and wondering when it will turn around, that’s normal.

So. Let’s find ways to communicate how we really are feeling, find moments of happiness and unhappiness and explore what makes them arrive, appreciate them for what they are, and understand what makes us feel that way and how to love and be loved.

This Is Your Year For Change

If 2019 did not turn out how you had hoped, don’t despair. This is 2020. This is your year for CHANGE! This is your year to create a life that you are proud of.

It is not always going to be easy but it will take time and if you follow these steps over the next year, you can change your life.

Michael Hyatt’ book, Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals is something you can read this year to help with that change.

The five steps are deceptively simple:

  1. Believe the possibility.
  2. Complete the past.
  3. Design your future.
  4. Find your why.
  5. Make it happen.

I would love to give you ALL the tips but sometimes you need to read things for yourself. 

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A Final Thought

When we find that feeling of purpose and flow – without hiding the necessary opposite of that feeling – it follows we may be able to make a habit of our happiness, and increase its presence in our lives.

Does this sound ok?


Here are resources I highly recommend for more reading on this topic…

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🌱 The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future by Skip Prichard

🌱 Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals by Michael Hyatt

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