Being an introvert with absolutely no retail or sales experience, I’ve (expectedly) received quite a few raised eyebrows when people find out I had started a business with Arbonne.

My first reaction, in fact, was to immediately dismiss the idea: oh no, I couldn’t possibly do that, I don’t know enough people and I’d have difficulty speaking to a crowd – but when I thought about it, I became more and more strong in my feelings of self: I know who I am. I know my strengths, my flaws, my weaknesses, my talents. I know what I can and cannot do and this is something I can make work for me. 

The more and more I thought about the business, the more and more it became thoughts of my business, and I’d come up with a game plan for this new-found side hustle: I was going to do this my way.

The amazing infographic to the left can be applied to anybody, anywhere, looking to connect with others, business or otherwise. It was originally created by a blogger at The Nectar Collective to provide a focus for fellow bloggers looking to market an online product.

These three basic statements come out to equal what you yourself should be creating; a product or a business or an adventure or all of the above! Today I wanted to share my story, supported by this formula, of why a hermit and social introvert with a passion for movies would join a network marketing business – and how I’ve been successful with it.

So, let’s start from the first sphere:

Your Knowledge

I trained as an accountant in the uk and I have been lucky enough to work since leaving uni. One of things I love about being an accountant is being able to help my clients have a sense of accomplishment when I give them a set of accounts and tax return.

I love helping people realize why something is not working for them and how they can fix it, and I love showing people the fun side of life.  I also love reading books and sharing my knowledge with people.  

I have so much knowledge and expertise and info to give, and while my clients and family and friends do benefit, I find myself wanting to share it with the world. Arbonne can help me do that. I’ve already reached more people I most likely never would have met from one party than I could have hoped. And it’s invigorating.

You can help people with your knowledge too, or maybe just enjoy spreading your expertise as a smartypants. What do you know? Use it. Share it with the world to your mutual benefit.

Your Passion

I’ve mentioned already that I have a passion for self-love teachings, but in case you’ve never met me, I am also a passionate feminist and fighter for equal rights. This comes across in my career and in everything I do. I love empowering men and women, showing them that they can do and be anything they want, regardless of societal norms.

I believe it starts with just telling someone, Hey, you. You’re gorgeous, you’re dope, you can look however you want. Never apologize for it. Arbonne lends me a platform to say these things, while promoting products that encourage you to take care of yourself and have some fun doing it. The skincare line, even the anti-aging set, to me, aren’t about looking your best or looking younger because society pressures you to feel like you have to. It’s about taking care of yourself and loving the body you’re in. 

You should feel genuinely good and comfortable in your own skin. If eating the way you do has had you feeling like crap, try boosting your food intake with nutrition. If you can’t stand the way your hair looks or feels or you don’t feel like it reflects who you are, paying a premium for an excellent product and seeing the return ten fold isn’t a waste of money. Nothing you spend on yourself and your well-being is ever a waste of money. Treat Yo-Self.

I can go on and on about these topics (don’t even get me started on the fun and the artistry and the self-expression you can have with makeup), so it’s not hard for me to realise that this is definitely my passion, if not one of many.

Do you know your passion? Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s right in front of you, but you know what, there’s no pressure. If you’re feeling lost now, and you don’t know what you want, give it time. Think about that question once a day, let it sit in the back of your mind. What is truly important to you will show itself soon enough.

Your Audience’s Needs

Now, my audience up until I joined Arbonne consisted mostly of my online followers and my clients. With Arbonne, it’s not much different, except that my client-base has expanded to potentially include so many more people. As with my freelance career my jobs and opportunities were spread mainly by word of mouth, which is exactly how network marketing works. But I knew I had an edge up on the typical coffee dates and parties that most consultants swear by: a great online following of fabulous people from tons of different backgrounds and trades, all over the world.

Each platform I love and curate daily has a base of like-minded people who may be a world away but who I can offer all this knowledge and passion, and have been for years. Now I have a product, a brand, and a business that I can offer them as well, infused with my unique personality and flavour.

I encourage anyone reading this to consider the ways in which they could custom tailor an Arbonne business to suit their needs, their lifestyle, and their dreams. There is no set personality or prerequisites, nothing is standing your way. I’d love to help you build a business you enjoy and can be proud of. And to my fellow accountants: we can always use a little extra money on the side. This business is what you make of it. So whether you want that white Mercedes or just a couple extra hundred bucks a month to help you afford those designer handbags, I’m here, anytime you need me, to help.

Join my teamWe’re all in this together.

A Final Thought – Your Perfect Product

Combining my knowledge, passion, and my audience’s needs leaves me with a spectacular little bundle of a business, and I think it can be summed up in a simple phrase: Treat Yo-Self.

My Arbonne business is all about empowering people, sharing tips, and helping others achieve their perfect level of well-being.

Have you worked out what your three spheres of the Venn Diagram are so far? Did you come up with your perfect product? Sometimes things just feel right, and it’s a hard feeling to force. But remember, you are unique. And you have something unique to bring to this world. I’ll leave you with that.


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