Wealth is more than just money. It doesn’t also refer to how rich you are and what luxury possessions you own. For example, having a sports car and a mansion doesn’t make you automatically wealthy. These are often the motivation to become wealthy, but they’re not the definition of wealth.

Instead wealth involves plenty of things, such as money, health, attitude, relationships, lifestyle and other things you desire which make a successful life in your opinion.

Money is still a large portion of our view of wealth, but it isn’t the only solution. For example, having money to spend on possessions you want is a critical part of wealth, but building a life for yourself which embodies your passions, freedom and desires forms the ultimate definition of what it means to be wealthy. Financial success might make you rich and fortunate, but it doesn’t necessarily contribute to the overall happiness of your life and well-being. When thinking about how to build wealth, you need to consider your morals and where you see your future. As a result, you build a plan which incorporates your end goal to give you spiritual freedom and meaning.

Why is it Important to Build Wealth?

Now we’ve clarified that building wealth doesn’t just refer to finances, why is it important to establish how to build wealth? Perhaps you’re thinking that you don’t have control over your life. You might feel like other people and forces are leading you to a direction you’re not entirely content with. The most important thing to build wealth is to know where you see your life heading and considering your desires and happiness in everything you do. Many people aren’t willing to take risks because they lack the ability to take action.

However, living paycheck to paycheck and saving money whilst not enjoying your time alive isn’t the definition of wealth. It might seem sensible to put money aside for your future and potential emergency occasions. But, you’re just part of the rat race and this can only last so long, or you’re not actually enjoy life. Take and create opportunities which are in line with your morals and passions to increase happiness, freedom and ultimately money. You cannot build money if you don’t enjoy how you’re making it. Inevitably, you will give up because that rush can only last so long.

How Is Wealth Created?

Wealth is created through self sacrifice and risk taking!

Strategies You Can Use Right NOW to Build Wealth

Building wealth is a journey, and like most journeys, the sooner you start, the further you’ll go. Thus, whether you’re saving for retirement, to put your kids through college, or to achieve any other goal, it’s important to start as early as possible.

Because so many factors affect your wealth, you’ll need to begin by coming up with a clear, detailed financial plan. The specific path you take will vary based on your ambitions, family size, and other factors. But every plan for building wealth must contain these things.

  1. Start Saving For Your Retirement
  2. Invest Your Money, Rather Than Spending Instantly
  3. Pay off Your Debts
  4. Focus on Your Career
  5. Keep Your Daily Expenses Low

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A Final Thought

I have struggled with my finances since I was a teenager.

I have always been good at making money AND … I have been extremely good at spending money!!!

As I have gotten older though, I have realised that in order to truly have the life that I want to, I need to master not just making money but keeping the money I make.

One of the reasons I came to this realisation was by starting my own online business. This business has taught me about how the 1% in the world think about money and how if I want to be part of that group of people, I need to change.

Money and success don’t change people, they just amplify what is already there.

In other words, if you struggle with money issues, making more money won’t solve them. If anything, it will simply exacerbate the problems. You can take control of your finances! You don’t have to repeat the mistakes of the past.


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