What would you do if you could have a bit of extra income?

Would you fund a hobby, or save for a trip? Or finally buy that dream house? Maybe you are one of the 15% who are using a side hustle to start a new business.

In any case, if you want to earn some extra cash, you aren’t alone. As the gig economy grows, so do opportunities to make a bit of money on the side. It’s just a matter of knowing what your options are.

The Cashflow Quadrant

I have read a lot of books by Robert Kiyosaki and one of them was “The Cashflow Quadrant”. This divided people into quadrants and it explains how each quadrant makes money.

There are two categories of people in the world, those who see the world through the left side of Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant and those who see it through the right side.

  •  E is for employee
  •  S is for self-employed
  •  B stands for Business Owner
  •  I stands for Investor

The dividing line between those who are struggling in today’s economy and those who are prospering is the line between the two sides of the CASHFLOW Quadrant.

Build Wealth Inline With Your Views!

From the above we can see that there are various ways you can make money. You can be an employee, be self employed, be a large business owner or an investor. You need to find a way that aligns with your goals and your skills.

I personally have gone down the business route. I do have a job at the moment, but, I am also building my global online business.

The good thing about the world we live in now is that you don’t have to choose one method only. You can work on one while doing another one. The economy is thriving on part-time positions, side hustles, and temporary gigs, so it might be in your best interest to keep your options open —at least for the time being.

Some Ways To Make Money…

  1.  Ask for a raise
  2.  Do micro tasks – e.g. Microworkers.comor TaskRabbit.com
  3.  Make and sell DIY things – e.g. Etsy.com
  4.  Get a delivery job
  5.  Join focus groups
  6.  Set up a concierge vintage/luxury store – e.g. Eames.com
  7.  Use rewards programs – Every time you buy groceries, coffee or fast food you could be earning cash and rewards.
  8.  Teach English to little kids
  9.  Give someone a ride – e.g. Uber and Lyft
  10.  Install a lock screen app – e.g. See an ad when you unlock your phone. Get paid.
  11.  Provide moving help
  12.  Do seasonal work
  13.  Become a content writer – check out how to launch a freelance writing career.
  14.  Do customer service and administrative support from home
  15.  Open an investment account – check out a robo-advisor service
  16.  Join a mock jury
  17.  Flip items on eBay
  18.  Walk dogs
  19.  Look for unclaimed cash
  20.  Grocery shop for cash
  21.  Start a house sitting service
  22.  Score and administer standardized tests
  23.  Become a programmer
  24.  Work at major events
  25.  Prepare taxes for your friends and family
  26.  Rent out your hardware to others
  27.  Sell your blog
  28.  Evaluate search engines – check out Appen and Lionbridge
  29.  Publish an eBook
  30.  Do financial aid paperwork
  31.  Tutor online or in person
  32.  Click on websites
  33.  Detail cars
  34.  Edit and proofread documents
  35.  Buy and sell domain names
  36.  Save your change
  37.  Become a Nielsen family
  38.  Become a social media manager
  39.  Grow your personal social media profiles
  40.  Join a street team or become a brand ambassador
  41.  Replace cracked screens
  42.  Be a tour guide
  43.  Sell confectionery
  44.  Apply for grants
  45.  Create an online course – check out Skillshare
  46.  Plan vacations for others
  47.  Retouch photos
  48.  Become a voiceover artist
  49.  Design logos
  50.  Wash cars for cash
  1.  Get a second job
  2.  Rent out your car
  3.  Scrap your old gold
  4.  Work as a handy person
  5.  Become a mystery shopper
  6.  Participate in medical research
  7.  Sell your old clothes – e.g. Depop.com or Vestiairecollective.com
  8.  Flip property – check out 3 ways to invest in a crowdfunded real-estate project
  9.  Participate in GPT (Get Paid To) sites
  10.  Rent out your space – e.g. Airbnb
  11.  Sell your unwanted electronics
  12.  Invest spare change – e.g. mobile banking and investment apps
  13.  Wrap your car in ads
  14.  Watch movie and television trailers – e.g. VolKno
  15.  Become a consultant – check out consulting other businesses or individuals as a freelancer.
  16.  Offer childcare
  17.  Switch bank accounts
  18.  Sell your old textbooks
  19.  Write product reviews
  20.  Work as an extra
  21.  Buy storage lots
  22.  Enter a contest
  23.  Reconsider your phone cable and internet plans
  24.  Work as a ref or umpire
  25.  Be a model
  26.  Become an interpreter
  27.  Learn to fix computers
  28.  Mine crypto coins
  29.  Sell your gaming assets
  30.  Start an affiliate blog
  31.  Work as a translator
  32.  Be a substitute teacher
  33.  Help someone with their resume
  34.  Become a YouTube personality
  35.  Get a vending machine
  36.  Create stock photos
  37.  Be a researcher
  38.  Plan events
  39.  Sign on as a Virtual Assistant
  40.  Test websites – e.g. UserTesting.com or Test.io
  41.  Sell your gift cards
  42.  Make money when you search online
  43.  Take surveys
  44.  Become a notary public
  45.  Provide assistance to the disabled or elderly
  46.  Transcribe audio and video
  47.  Grow and sell fruits and vegetables
  48.  Host dinner parties – check out Eatwith.com
  49.  Host one-off workshops
  50.  Become a personal/group trainer
  51.  Create photo content for brands
  52.  Start your own online business with Me

A Final Thought

Before making any big decisions, I suggest you get your financial education on.

There are so many things to learn and with technology and youtube, a lot of the information is free.

Here is a video that I found very useful.