Looking after your health and well-being is thankfully a trend that is not going away anytime soon. Our daily lives are often so full of hurried communication, technology and comparison, and pollution and stress, that taking time to decompress and tend to You is vital.

Self-care is no longer just a buzzword, but an essential act of kindness to oneself, to your ability to be present with others, continue to be productive, and to live long and happy lives. And big goals take big efforts so the energy reset self-care provides is even more important the busier you are! So here’s 5 of our favourite to do’s for loving on YOU!

1. A Quiet Cuppa....

Whether it’s part of your morning wake up wonderful routine, your night time unwind, or an any time of day peaceful practice, tea can be super soothing. Wrap your hands around your favourite cup and brew and with a few deep breaths, centre yourself right where you are right now, feeling the warmth of the tea and the scent (especially of herbal blends), fill every part of your body with healing, loving energy.

You can also bless your tea (or anything you consume really) by wrapping your hands around it and with closed eyes, repeat a mantra for what you want it to pour into you. For example, “I am so happy and grateful for the vibrant health you pour into me that shows up in my glowing skin and confidence.

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2. A face Treatment Mask...

There’s always time for an easy at home facial when you’re listening to your body and listening to your skin. Everyone’s skin will go through various stages over a lifetime, throughout the year and even throughout each month, and each stage requires various TLC.

So when your skin is feeling dull, dry and tired slather on this rich, anti-ageing and gently renewing mask on with intentions of gratitude, glow and self appreciation. Energise these feelings, even if it’s for the few seconds it takes to apply.

Leave on for 5-7 mins to feel the tingle. Then wash off with warm water and hold your face in your hands as if holding the face of child, say “thank you” and smile.

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3. A Blissed Out Bath...

Run yourself a warm bath with detoxifying and energising bath salts as you wait for your face mask to work it’s magic and prepare your herbal tea. You can read, listen to a mediation, journal or simply focus on your 100 deep belly breaths for the day and zen out. Who said baths can’t be productive?!

Again, feel free to bless your body in the water and each limb as your drench them in luxe, invigorating body oil afterwards!

When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.
– Jean Shinoda Bolen

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4. Journaling...

Too many people carry around feelings of loneliness, despair, shame, guilt, or unworthiness as a result of past relationships – romantic or otherwise.

Instead of wallowing in these feelings, learn to self-heal and begin to trust that it is safe for you to turn those feelings around, open up your heart space and even attract the greatest love and affection to you because you are deeply in love with yourself and your own life.

Journaling is simply writing your thoughts down and letting words out onto a non-judgmental page.

You don’t need permission or a special book or special place, but making it a habit to pick up a pen, take some deep breaths and write faster than your hand can keep up can be extremely cathartic and revolutionary.

Write what’s on your mind right now before moving onto a to-do list, 3 things you are grateful for, or writing to a love song that you imagine you and your current or future lover to be dancing to. There’s no rules – just make it your own and make space for it in your daily life in some way.

If you do need inspiration with questions, then you can always use the greatness journal like me but you don’t have to. A simple notebook can work, the main thing is that you write.

5. Sweat Sessions....

Moving your body and taking part in regular exercise can actually help to boost your energy levels and get your feeling happy in your own skin again. Exercise releases endorphins which are proven to boost your mood even when you’re feeling really low.

It can be a daunting prospect heading to a gym; especially if you’re out of practice and not really sure what kind of exercise you enjoy. Instead of stressing yourself out, try out some workouts at home first.

There are online tutorials for almost every type of exercise out there – whether it is boxing, dance or yoga that makes you feel energized – there will be a video for you to follow.

Once you discover the type of movement which gets your blood flowing and your smile lifted you won’t look back.
​Exercise can often be a medicine for most ailments too, if you’re struggling to sleep at night or suffering with cramps you might find that gentle exercise alleviates the pain. Of course you should consult your health practitioner before starting out any kind of new and strenuous activity. After starting a new exercise regimen the majority of people feel that they can sleep better, they feel brighter and their body is more in shape.

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A Final Thought

Whatever you do this weekend, be sure to put yourself first and nourish, nurture, appreciate and recuperate your heart, mind, body and soul.

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