Drinking can be fun, let’s be honest. But too much alcohol can lead to injury, accidents, serious embarrassment and long-term health problems. Follow this advice to drink safely.

1. One Glass or Two ONLY:

Don’t drink a bottle of wine in one go – it’s very easy to do. try to stick yo a glass or two.

2. Alcohol-Free Days:

Try to have at least three ‘dry’ days a week.

3. Natural Wine:

Try drinking natural wine. It is less processed, with no added sugar or chemicals, so it’s better for you.

4. Spirits and Mixers:

A vodka with lime and soda has less sugar than vodka tonic. Basically, any mixer you put with a clear spirit like gin or vodka is going to up your calories intake because it’s packed with sugar, and you’re going to bloat.

5. Stout:

Like wine, beer is full of sugar, so drinking several pints will have quite an impact. This is particularly true of stout: downing a pint is the equivalent of eating a pork chop (without the nutrients) – 210 calories in a single pint.

6. Beer and Wine:

They say ‘never mix grape with the grain’ and they’re right – you can get an almighty hangover if you do. If gluten intolerant, avoid grain-based drinks like beer and whisky.

7. Tequila:

Tequila appears to help with weight loss because of the agavins ( form of natural sugar that doesn’t raise blood-sugar levels) in it. Many of the calories ass through the system, rather than being absorbed. It has to be clear tequila, not the darker-coloured variety. It also stimulates the metabolism and helps dissolve fat. Be careful not to drink too much and remember that it’s not a miracle drink. It’s still alcohol, which isn’t good for you. Drunk in moderation, a good tequila won’t give you a hangover. But if you drink cheap tequila, it will knock you for six!

8. Champagne:

Sparkling wine is lower in calories than still wine – around 80 per glass, compared with 120 for a glass of red or white. It does go to your head more quickly, of course, making it all too easy to say ‘yes’ to another glass!

A Final Thought

Remember that wine and beer are equally bad for you. You need to do about 20 minutes of hard exercise to work off one glass. One glass of spirits without a mixer can be walked off in 12 minutes and one alcopop takes roughly 1.5 hours of exercise (it’s the processed food of rinks!).

When you do decide to drink, please remember to drink responsibly!