Your offer is much more than your products and services that you sell. In large part, it is related to a battle between ecosystems that exist today. Simply, you need irresistible offer if you want to succeed.

Irresistible offer is something that cannot be resisted, something that provides long-term success for your business. Because of that, you must try to implement different strategies and tactics to make your offers to be irresistible to your customers.

Here are 20 Tips To Creating an Irresistible Offer:

  1. Sell Something for £1 / $1: Selling something for £1 / $1 means that you will get as many sales as possible. This overcomes the objection to spending lots of money. The process of doing this though will in turn show that your transaction process can be trusted AND let you save payment details.
  2. Run a Discount: This lets you test different price points but also creates a sense of urgency.
  3. Use a Video: Video can be extremely effective for conveying a message quickly, while also creating an emotional response. It is far more engaging than text.
  4. Make it Different: Have a USP. Don’t sell the same thing everyone else is.
  5. Presentation is Everything: The way you make your product look – even if it’s just an eBook – can transform the perceived value and excitement.
  6. Tell a Story: Narrative is “SEO for the human brain.” This engages people and gets them emotionally invested.
  7. Drop the Jargon: Sales pages and home pages covered in jargon do nothing to build interest.
  8. Know Your Audience: Create a “buyer persona” and try to get inside the head of your ideal customer.
  9. Offer Free Value: Give as much away for free as you can. This builds good will, while also allowing you to demonstrate the value you’re capable of offering.
  10. Ask the Audience: Not sure why your item isn’t selling? Why not just ask the people who you are trying to sell it to?
  11. Research the Competition: See what your competition is doing to set yourself apart and gain ideas.
  12. Have a Value Proposition: Know how your product makes life better. Focus on this in order to sell.
  13. Create Urgency: Most sales are made on an impulse. Don’t let your visitors leave and “think about it.”
  14. Use Psychology: Understanding the psychology of your audience will allow you to sell much more effectively.
  15. Create Tiers: Having tiers for your items means you can appeal to people with a range of budgets, while also increasing the total spend incrementally!
  16. Don’t Try to Appeal to Everyone: Appeal to everyone and you will appeal to no one.
  17. Provide the Best Service: Good service will come back and reward you.
  18. Have a Money Back Guarantee: This is an easy way to overcome many of the most pertinent objections to buying: people worry that the product won’t be up to the quality you promise. Speaking of which.
  19. Offer Value: Too many people look for ways to sell quickly. Don’t focus on that. Focus on ways to offer an amazing experience to your buyers. The rest will come.
  20. SEO for the Human Brain: This is far more important than SEO itself. Understand how to get your audience to react, and you can sell anything.

That’s it— 20 tips and you are well on your way to creating more sales. Practice this for just two weeks. You will see a tremendous difference in your productivity and your attitude.

Question: Have you created an irresistible offer? If you already have experience in creating an irresistible offer, what type of benefits your business has received?