We all know that skincare is important to combat the daily exposure to make-up, the sun and other impurities.

The problem with skincare, however, is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Everybody needs something different so it is important to carefully think about a few things before starting a new routine.

Here are 5 things you should consider when implementing a new skincare routine.

1. Your skin type

Begin by thinking about your skin type and the issues you face. Somebody with fine lines is probably looking for something completely different to somebody with acne. The same goes for dry skin versus oily skin. Identify what time of skin you have and what you need your skincare products to do. Then do your research to see what types of ingredients will achieve your desired effect.

2. Reviews

When you understand your skin type and the type of products you need, have a read through reviews. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned cash on a product that is ineffective! Speaking of cash, budget is an important factor for most people. Reading reviews will help you to determine an effective product within your price range as you’ll likely be able to determine cheaper substitutes for more expensive items.

3. Products that you already use

Some products shouldn’t be paired with each other or may simply be unnecessary if they have the same active ingredients. Review your current skincare products and identify the things you like and the things that could be improved. If you have a favorite eye cream, don’t purchase a new skincare product that does that same job or has the same ingredients. Use your money to buy something else that will add value to your skincare routine.

4. Upcoming events

If you are thinking about starting a new skincare routine, consider your calendar. The last thing you want is to try a new skincare regime and have a breakout right before an event. Even if the products are right for you, some skin types can be temperamental as they adjust to a new routine so it’s worth giving your skin some time to transition.

5. Your lifestyle

It’s all good and well to dream about a complex skincare routine but if you’re the type of person who barely manages to wash their face in the morning, an extensive routine will be pointless. Be realistic when establishing and implementing a routine to make sure it’s something you will actually stick to.

Arbonne Skincare

I personally use Arbonne products. Like all Arbonne products, Arbonne skincare options are botanically based, non-toxic, vegan, and effective in actually doing what they say they will. Plus there is a regime to suit every skin type and need for beautiful healthy-looking skin for all.

“We develop our skincare products by carefully selecting botanical ingredients known for specific beneficial properties. Through innovation in science, we introduce formulas that make skin look more healthy, youthful and beautiful.”

The Arbonne Skincare Options include:

RE9 Advanced for Powerful Anti-Ageing (for women 18+)

RE9 Advanced for Men for Anti-Ageing and A Simple Skincare Regime

RE9 Advanced Brightening for Radiant Anti-Ageing (for women 18+)

RE9 Advanced Prepwork for Preventative Youthful Ageing (for all ages)

SuperCalm Collection for Sensitive and Youthful Skin

Bio-Hydria Collection for Dry or Dehydrated skin

Clear Future Collection for Blemish Prone Skin (in teens and adults)

Of course, along with cleansers, toners and moisturisers in these skincare lines, there are also a great range of face masks, scrubs and exfoliators, specialty treatments and corresponding body products, all made according to the same European beauty manufacturing standards as the entire Arbonne offering.

Those are my tips, comment below and let me know which one resonates most with you.