Success doesn’t happen “to” you. It happens because of you.

In the words of Napoleon Hill, “Success comes to those who are success-conscious.” If you make progress your most important goal and actively make strides to improve, you will begin to attract success like a magnet.

Here are 20 Ways to Attract More Success in Life Starting Today:

  1. Do Something Positive!: Every day, do something positive and encouraging that will move you towards your goal. As an example: Read a blog post on success!
  2. Make Each Day Count: At the end of each and every day, just before you fall asleep, think back and determine whether you made the day count. If not, resolve to do better tomorrow.
  3. Achieve a Mini-Goal Today: Come up with a realistic mini-goal that you will be able to achieve by the end of the day. Then achieve it!
  4. Turn up the Music!: When you turn on some upbeat tunes you can get motivated to get more work done. Create a playlist of some of your favorite songs with a beat.
  5. Help Someone Else: One of the things that all of the great successful people in the world try to do is help someone else. Follow their lead and help someone today.
  6. Write a Letter from the Future: Write a letter from the future thanking yourself for all of your hard work in the present. Describe how it has changed your (future self’s) life.
  7. Exercise Tomorrow Morning!: Did you know that exercising in the morning releases endorphins that make the rest of your day more pleasant and allow you to get more accomplished?
  8. Never Say Never: Even the things you think you’ll never, ever do might lead you down a path to success. Never say never. Always keep an open mind.
  9. Review Your Goals: Sometimes, reviewing your goals can give you the motivation that you need and allow you to recall the excitement you had when you made them.
  10. Set Up a Reward: When you have a list of daily habits for success, set up a small reward that you will give yourself once you have completed them for the day.
  11. Read a Good Book!: Find out what all of the successful people are reading and check it out from your local library or download it for your Kindle.
  12. Pretend like today is Your Last: If today was the last day that you had to work on your goals and achieve success, how much harder do you think you would work?
  13. Ask Yourself “Why Aren’t You Successful?”: Sit down and make a list of some of the reasons that you think you aren’t successful. Now, make a plan for overcoming these barriers to success.
  14. Give Your Brain Some Food: If you want to be successful, read about success, and give your brain something to do!
  15. Set a New Trigger: Set up a new trigger that will prompt you to do a positive action when you encounter it.
  16. Today is the First Day…: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count by sticking to your habits.
  17. Save a Penny: Saving money can definitely help you down the road when you need to invest in your success. Save something today, even if it’s just a penny.
  18. Live, Laugh, Love!: Don’t work so hard that you forget about life. Live, laugh, love, every single day. That’s an important part of success.
  19. Meditate on Success: Sometimes, clearing your mind with meditation is the best way to get ideas.
  20. Ask for Advice: Ask someone for advice that you would never normally ask. You might be surprised what you’ll get.

That’s it— 20 tips and you are well on your way to attract more success. Practice this for just two weeks. You will see a tremendous difference in your productivity and your attitude.

Question: Have you done any of this before? If you already have experience in using these success tips, what type of benefits did you see in your life?