The one constant thing in our life is change. Just take a look around, who would have known a few months ago that you’d have to be staying at home all the time, canceling all the trips and events because of the outbreak of coronavirus?

We cannot avoid change. The more we resist it, the tougher our life becomes. So instead of avoid it, ask “how to change my life?”

Change can come into our lives as a result of a crisis, as a result of choice or by chance. In either situation we are all faced with having to make a choice – do we make the change or not? I believe it is always better to make changes in your life when you choose to rather than being forced to.

So, how to change your life? Here are 20 Ways To Transform Your Life For The Best:

  1. Change something about your life: Pick one thing you want to change about your life and take small steps to reach your goal.
  2. Learn your triggers: Learn to stop reacting to others.
  3. Let go of control: Accept that the only things you can change in this world are your behavior, your mindset, and your communication style.
  4. Face your dark side: It’s not always easy, but when you face your dark side, you bring it to light and immediately allow yourself to shine brighter than ever!
  5. Be responsible: Taking responsibility for your own happiness starts by recognizing your responsibility in your life and stop giving your powers to others.
  6. Assess your life: Look at what you want to change and take steps to change it.
  7. Stop projecting: Since the external world is a pure reflection of us, it can give us a lot of information about ourselves when we take the time to observe and be aware.
  8. Knockdown barriers: List what stops you and change that situation.
  9. Create boundaries: A life with boundaries is the perfect environment to be yourself and live your best life.
  10. Stop trying to please others: Once you learn to let go of pleasing others, you start living your own life. You no longer tailor your experience to the image of others but more to what you want and who you are.
  11. Surround yourself with uplifting people: Surround yourself with people who appreciate you for who you truly are.
  12. Know your values: Once you are clear with your values, seek them in your life. That way, you will build a life that is more fulfilling.
  13. Distance yourself from what you don’t want: By distancing yourself from things that don’t align with your authentic self, you are saying no to distraction and hindrance to living your best life.
  14. Change your relationship with abundance: By saying thank you when you receive a compliment or accepting help when it is offered, you are saying “yes” to receive. This will shift your life to be more abundant.
  15. Appreciate yourself: Have the goal of becoming your best friend, and your life will take a fantastic turn.
  16. Learn to love your body: Compassion toward ourselves will often lead to better self-esteem and higher self-confidence.
  17. Stop comparing yourself to others: When you compare yourself to others, you automatically feed a belief that you should be like others, that being yourself is not enough.
  18. Connect with your inner child: Take the time to play again, to make mistakes, forgive and try something else. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and do what your heart tells you to do.
  19. Be kind with your self-talk: Be aware of your negative chatter and transform it into more positive affirmations.
  20. Be self-aware: Self-awareness is the key to becoming the best version of yourself and transforms your life for the best.

That’s it— 20 ways and you are well on your way to attract more success. Practice this for just two weeks. You will see a tremendous difference in your productivity and your attitude.

Question: Have you done any of this before? If you already have experience in using these success tips, what type of benefits did you see in your life?