Being happy and successful is something we all aspire to. It’s very likely that when asked “What’s your aim in life?” most of us would answer – to be happy and successful. But on some days, this “small and modest” goal just seems light years away. The good and bad news is this – it’s all in our head. Even when it seems impossible to look on the bright side of things, it’s actually 100% in our power to transform the way we see life.

In this video I will show you 20 tips on how travelling can help you achieve a success mindset.

Tip #1: Travelling more is a great way to find yourself.

If you’re considering going travelling, then do it! You’ll learn more about yourself and discover more of the world at the same time.

Tip #2: There will never be a convenient time.

Many of us put off travel, thinking we need to wait for the ‘right time’. There will never be a right time. Go now, or you’ll put it off indefinitely.

Tip #3: Know what you want to achieve.

As in the rest of life, knowing what you want to achieve with your travel is an important way to make sure you get the best results.

Tip #4: Consider the opportunity for growth.

Real travel will change you in a way that you can’t quantify. You will come back with a more open mind, more knowledge and a greater understanding of the world. It will change your success in every other aspect of life.

Tip #5: You don’t need riches.

One more reason that people will often put off travelling is that they think they need to have lots of money to fun their trip. You do not!

Tip #6: Consider a loan.

One way to get the cash needed for travel is to take out a loan.

Tip #7: Recognize the importance of this.

Seems like a waste of money to take out a loan to travel? Then ask yourself what would be better to spend it on. What’s more important than living life?

Tip #8: Work online.

Another way to fund your travels is to work online.

Tip #9: Ask your boss if you can work from home.

From here, it will only be a small transition to then move into working on the road.

Tip #10: Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

This is one of the most important tips for travel and in life. Want to work from home? Ask your boss!

Tip #11: Find a job that will let you travel.

If you can’t get the terms you want… leave and find somewhere that you can!

Tip #12: Transition slowly to mitigate risk.

Are you scared to give up work? You don’t need to until you have your new job or have a working online business.

Tip #13: Find how much you need.

Know how much money before you go. This will help you to know what kind of work you need to do to support yourself.

Tip #14: Ask for forgiveness, not permission.

If you’re scared to travel because of what others will say… worry about it when you get back!

Tip #15: There are compromises.

Always dreamed of travel but really can’t go? Consider the alternatives: how about making lots of smaller trips?

Tip #16: Get your loved ones on board.

Sad to leave your loved ones? Have a partner who doesn’t want to travel? Find a place for them in your plans!

Tip #17: Find easier ways.

Whatever it is you want to accomplish, there are normally easier ways that you might have missed. Travel is no different. How about couch surfing?

Tip #18: Be relentless.

If this is your dream, then don’t let anything derail you!

Tip #19: Speak with others.

Struggling to make it happen? Talk to others who have travelled successful and get their tips!

Tip #20: Be present.

When you go on your journey, make sure that you enjoy it thoroughly. Be present and don’t let fears prevent you from having an amazing time!

That’s it— 20 tips and you are well on your way to transform your life through travel. You will see a tremendous difference in your productivity and your attitude.

Question: Have you done any of this before? If you already have experience in using these success tips, what type of benefits did you see in your life?