I think it’s important that when you set your goals, you give yourself the best chance of success. Especially when you look at the failure rates, according to Forbes 92 percent of people failing to reach their targets.

In this video I show you 20 Essential Tips to Achieving Your Goals

  1. Focus on tiny, bite-sized goals: Your goal should be to earn $100 a day, to work out for 15 minutes a day or to write a page of a book every day. Focus on the tiny steps that add up to the overarching goal.
  2. Have a vision: Those small steps are going to take you toward a vision. Picture your perfect life and then outline the steps you must take to get there.
  3. Create a mission statement: A mission statement is a statement of intent telling people what you’re all about and what you aim to accomplish.
  4. Think creatively: There are more creative ways to accomplish your goal. Want to be a famous musician? How about starting your own YouTube channel?
  5. Get help!: Goals don’t have to be accomplished on your own! Getting help makes them easier and more fun.
  6. Don’t do what you think you ‘should’ do: A lot of us tell people (including ourselves) goals that don’t really excite us. These are goals that we think we’re ‘supposed’ to want. But they don’t really excite us.
  7. Focus on your goal and picture it: Doing this will help you to create the emotions that drive you toward accomplishing them.
  8. Draw your vision: A great way to make your goal more ‘real’ and tangible is to draw the vision you have for the future!
  9. Think about the last time you were happiest: If you’re struggling to come up with a goal or vision, then think about the last time you were truly happy. What does this tell you?
  10. Consider role models: Another good tip for getting a better idea of what you really want, is to think about your role models and people you aspire to be like. What do they all have in common?
  11. Think about your old dreams: When we were younger, we had more concrete ideas of what we wanted to do with our lives. What did you ‘always want to be’?
  12. Measure your goals: Measuring goals and making sure that you are getting results and getting closer to what you want is important to ensure they don’t need reassessing.
  13. Don’t be afraid to change tack: Goal not working out? It’s fine to change your goals at any time!
  14. Change your lifestyle: If you really know what you want, then you can start to change your lifestyle to support that thing. This is ‘lifestyle design’.
  15. It’s never too late to be what you always wanted to be: If you’re older, that doesn’t mean it’s too late!
  16. Discuss with others: Most goals affect other people too. Make sure you’ve discussed them!
  17. Have repercussions: Create stakes or repercussions for yourself that will force you to do the things you’re promising to do. Be hard on yourself!
  18. Think about the reality: Make sure you think about what the reality is – what your dream will really mean for your life.
  19. Ignore the naysayers: People will try and tell you it can’t be done, or that it is silly. Don’t listen to them!
  20. Dream big!: The bigger the dream, the more inspired you’ll be to follow it and the more you will inspire others!

If you want to set yourself a big bold goal, then to increase your chance of success, be clear about what success looks like, make sure it’s your goal and understand why it’s important to you, break it down to small goals, track your performance and celebrate each small success. If you can do that then you will significantly increase your chance of being in that small group of 8 percent who achieve their goals.