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15 Lessons Learned From Failure

No matter what you do in life, things won’t always go your way, you’ll continuously face new challenges and it’s safe to say that you will fail more than once. But here’s the valuable part: You failed because you tried something outside of your comfort zone! Which means, you’re actually going

4 Steps To Plan A Great Future

You are the biggest and most important project you are ever going to work on. With every decision and action you take each day, you are deciding whether you will live a life filled with abundant happiness or misery. Think about it, we are bound by restrains such as time, money, will-power and resources.

This Is Your Year

Welcome, 2020! Earlier this week, I spoke with my friends on our whatsapp group saying that I was going to make tee-shirts that said ‘I survived 2019.’ They responded in droves! Some people want two, some of who I thought were my happiest peeps wanted extra large, a special person

Recommended Books

I’ve completely changed my life over the last few years through podcasts and books. For this reason, I’m keeping a running list of the best books I recommend and that have been recommended to me. I’ve broken down my book list into categories below. Here’s a look… Money Management Broke