My Story

Have you ever wondered...

If there’s MORE to life?

Have you ever thought that there’s something BIG out there waiting for you or you have something burning inside of you to inspire and make an impact?

That was me back in 2013 while I sat at my desk as an entertainment accountant in London, England.

As an Outsider looking in, my life looked pretty good. I had a Good job, I was living in a Nice rented House, I was able to Travel but I was completely empty inside. It drove me nuts waking up each morning to someone else’s schedule and going to work for someone else’s dream; being stuck in an office (sometime up to 12 hours a day) was not the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life until I was 65.

At the end of 2013 I read a book that changed my life called Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (read it if you haven’t already). After reading that book, my mind and vision to what was possible completely opened up and I started to think very differently about being an Employee vs an Entrepreneur! I wish I would have read that book back in University or High School but of course that wouldn’t happen because the school system is flawed…

Unfortunately, we’re taught to be employees and drones in school rather than Business Owners! 

In January 2014 Network Marketing Found me. I met a lady at my church (Kate Perkins) and she invited me over to a club for a business presentation….

When I got to the venue, I was exposed to the Network Marketing Environment for the very first time. There was a slide presentation set up on the wall and people were being very friendly. To be honest I felt a bit uncomfortable because living London, they seemed way too friendly (I was a bit sceptical). After seeing a short video and hearing the presentation, the last page of the presentation talked about the different levels in the company and what the average income was and when the presenter said that they were earning on average £5,000/month and it took them 5 years to get there, I was mentally in (find out more at

It took me two weeks to physically go online and register (I was waiting for PayDay) but I was mentally in. I’m not kidding. I thought if these crazy people are making that kind of money and I’m slaving away at my JOB 12 hours a day and I’ve been working for 5 years doing the same thing making 1/3 of that….I’m in!

My Millionaire Road (P.S. I'm Still On It)

So as most people who catch the Network Marketing bug, I thought e-z-p-z I got this and I’m gonna be a millionaire fast!

I was out doing home business presentations 6 nights a week while working a crazy work schedule on top of that and trying to balance everything else.

At least that was what I was thinking in my head. I was still working that 9-5 (sometime 8-8) but I wasn’t really working my arbonne business hard. I just thought about the business a lot and then after I finished work, I didn’t really want to go and start my other job.

So I put my business on the shelf.

Fast forward to 2019, (that’s five years later) and I am still in the same place I was in 2014, just working for a different company now. I am more fed up with life and working than I was in 2014.

The one bright side is that I have done so much personal development, that I am willing to try my business again.

This time I realised that Network Marketing had to be treated like a business if I wanted it to pay me like one but the difference between my Business and my JOB was the fact that it could be my 5 year plan verses my 40 year plan. I liked the 5 year plan better and I knew I was going to build something BIG.

Personal development has been a true inspiration for me. Reading books and listening to audios by some of the greatest minds on the planet, has encouraged me to live life to the fullest. I have had to deal with some pretty tough personal circumstances over the past five years (deaths in family, family fights, personal illness, etc). While I was taking the time off to deal with personal drama, I realised that I still had money coming in from my Network Marketing Business and it was at that exact moment I understood what recuring income really was!

Taking My Business Online

In April 2019, I started Googling ways to build my Home Business online and I found some Entrepreneurs that actually had found ways to attract buyers and reps through the Internet…. Exactly what I wanted to do!

I’ll be honest, learning the Internet side of marketing your Business is not easy but it was worth it. It took me about 6 months to really get the hang of HOW to make it all work but once I found my strategy and got committed to making it work, some really awesome things started to happen.

  • I started attracting 1-3 New Reps Each Week (that was more than what I was doing before)
  • I built an online team training site for our team (I didn’t have to sit down an train one-on-one anymore). We also have an amazing Facebook group with additional trainings. This provided great leverage for our team.
  • I started to build an International Business
  • I started to get more qualified prospects reaching out to me wanting to join my business

Having a good mix of Offline and Online Marketing for the team has really BOOSTED our results and as a leader in this Industry I believe it’s our job to embrace the changes in technology with Social Media being one of our biggest Networking Assets!

From 2014 to Now I’ve been exposed to many books, tools and courses and the ones that I recommend if you’re thinking about taking your Business Online, are listed on Recommended Books  and Tools section of the website, if you want to check them out. It’s easier to learn from someone who’s already been down the road that you’re looking to go down!


I am so Blessed and Grateful for my Life. I’m 34 years Young and I’m Free!

I’m still working my Business Hard because I want to have something that most people don’t have….. Complete Time Freedom.

I still work hard (about 4 hours a day) but I love what I do more than anything and I wouldn’t trade the ups and downs of owning my own Business and being an Entrepreneur for anything. I’m replacing my JOB income where I had to trade my time for pounds for a recurring paycheck that grows bigger each month (as long as I work it)…..

It’s Great to meet you my New Friend.

Let me know how I can add value to you or your Business!