The Magic Of Introspection: Becoming Self-Aware


Discover all the negative patterns in your life that stop you from being your best and living your best life. This knowledge facilitates the ultimate opportunities for personal growth and development.

In this 10 part eCourse, you will be guided to learn:

  • Lesson #1: Introspection 101: What Is Self-Reflection
  • Lesson #2: The Benefits Of Introspection: Becoming Self-Aware And Knowing Who You Really Are
  • Lesson #3: A Deeper Understanding Of The Inner Self: Understanding What Makes Up Who You Are
  • Lesson #4: Introspection: The Process Of Observing – What Do I Do?
  • Lesson #5: Introspection: The Process Of Analyzing – Why I Do What I Do?
  • Lesson #6: Take Action Following Observation And Analysis: What Do I Want To Do About This?
  • Lesson #7: Introspection: How Your Experiences Shape Who You Are
  • Lesson #8: Introspection: How Your Past Helped Shaped Your Present
  • Lesson #9: 20 Tips For Your Self-Reflection And Self-Awareness Journey – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Lesson #10: Self-Awareness And Personal Growth: You Can’t Have One Without The Other



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