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Arbonne Bath & Body

Botanical, Beneficial Bath & Body

Arbonne provides a beautiful spectrum of botanically based, vegan and paraben free baby care, aromatherapy, spa and personal care products for head to toe to help you protect, nourish, hydrate, detox and relax you and your families bodies.

“We want you to feel pampered and indulged when using our bath and body products. So we create them with luxurious ingredients that soothe, soften and relax and renew. They care for your body and also nurture your spirit and soul.”
Dr. Peter Matravers | Chief Scientific Officer

Shea Butter Wash & Lotion

Deodorant & Toothpaste

Botaniques for Every Body

Baby Safe Skincare

​Ingredient Policy

Arbonne develops world-class products with botanicals and cutting-edge science. Our mission is to always improve and evaluate our ingredient policy as an ever-evolving standard of excellence, continuously challenging ourselves to do better and better.


Rescue & Renew Aromatherapy Collection

Rescue & Renew Pure Essential Oils includes:

  • Lemon to uplift and awaken senses and freshen air
  • Lavender to relax and unwind your environment
  • ​Peppermint to invigorate and promote an energising yet peaceful surrounding
  • Harmony sparkling blend of orange, lavender, rosemary, and ginger to foster harmony, promote a relaxing ambiance and inspire an overall sense of well-being.

Rescue & Renew Range includes:

  • Pink clay impurity detox face mask
  • Collagen supporting and hydrating detox body oil
  • Sea salt and turmeric stress relieving bath crystals
  • Cooling sunburn and muscle soothing gelee
  • Pore clearing and radiance boosting body scrub
  • Hydrating and invigorating detox body wash
  • Creamy but lightweight vitamin B5 enriched body lotion

Our Bath & Body Products

Rescue & Renew

Hear about the competitive advantage of our Rescue & Renew collection and why only Arbonne provides the best that skincare has to offer.


Pack your bags and prepare for some tropical vibes ahead. Introducing NEW Arbonne® Botaniques, a collection of island-inspired body care products.

Experience your dream vacation from anywhere via incredible scents like exotic papaya and aromatic passion fruit.

ABC Baby

These new baby care formulas utilize the most mild, soothing ingredients from nature — parents can trust that they’re truly wholesome and safe for babies’ soft, delicate skin. Plus, all the products are pediatrician-, dermatologist- and allergy-tested. And baby approved.

Liquid Sunshine

Discover a physical mineral sunscreen protection with lightweight, non-greasy formulas enhanced with soothing, beneficial botanicals. Perfect for the whole family!

Shea Butter

Hear about the competitive advantage of our Shea Butter collection and why only Arbonne provides the best that skincare has to offer. Formulated with sustainable shea butter that’s harvested with fair trade principles, each product is made with just the essential ingredients.



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