30 Day Challenge

The 30 Days Challenge is a 30-day lifestyle program

For those living in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, New Zealand

30-day program is perfect for you if:

  • You Have Constant Cravings
  • You Deal with Sticking to a Routine
  • You Feel Overwhelmed
  • You Feel Off Track on Your Health Journey
  • You Struggle with Finding Time to meal plan, grocery shop, and eat healthy
  • You Tend to Yo-Yo diet
  • You Have Low Energy or Poor Sleep
  • You Have Trouble Sticking to New Habits

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What‘s Included?

* All products are from Arbonne and are certified vegan, Plant-based and gluten/soy/nut/dairy free! (£425 Value)

  • Grocery List (£22 Value)
  • Follow Along Game Plan (£15 Value)
  • Weekly Journal Questions (£14 Value)
  • Measurement Tracker (£15 Value)
  • 30 NEW Recipes (£24 Value)
  • Personal 1:1 Coaching (£79 Value)
  • Private Facebook Group Community (£240 Value)
  • 2 Protein Shake Meals A Day
  • 2 Pure Energy Drinks A Day
  • 1 Digestion Probiotic Drink A Day
  • 1 Herbal Tea Per Day
  • 1 Lemon Immunity Drink Option
  • 1 Fiber Boost Option
  • 1 Greens Balance Option

Total Value = £834 – Now Only £240

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How Does It Work?


When Is It?

We start the program twice a month, with start dates the first and third Monday of every month. We will be completing our first meal prep on the weekend before the challenge begins.


What’s Included?

The challenge will take place in our private Facebook group, with community coaching. You will also have 24-hour access to your own private coach via text. The program will consist of recipes, meal plans, pure drinks, step-by-step guides, a Facebook course, and instructional videos.
Each week is mapped out with a combination of:

  • 2 Meals a day and Arbonne supplements included
  • Grocery lists for the week and recipes
  • Daily 1:1 coaching in our private Facebook Group
  • Unlimited pep-talks, love, and support from your private coach via text message


What Do I Need To Do?

You will need:

  • A blender or shaker bottle
  • Kitchen equipment like a stove, pots, pans
  • A Facebook account highly recommended so you can take full advantage of all the community support


Why Should I Join?

Easy… if you’ve made it this far in the description, you recognise that something’s missing in your life and you’re at a crossroads where you have two options: keep down the same track you’re on, or change it.
We’re here to help you change it.

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Jun/Jul 2019
Jan/Feb 2020
Jan/Feb 2019

My Jan/Feb 2020 Results

Physical benefits: I am down
🌱 weight : 1.1KG which is around 2.45 pounds⠀
🌱 chest: 0.0 inch⠀
🌱 biceps: 0.0 inches ⠀
🌱 waist: 1.5 inch⠀
🌱 hips: 0.5 inches⠀
🌱 thighs: 0.5 inches ⠀

Other benefits:
🌱 I am not craving coffee as much 🎉 I have not had it in days which has led to another benefit…
🌱 Improved sleep 😴 I’m not batch sleeping anymore which means I wake up in the morning without a headache 🌱 Feeling more engaged 🤪 I’m able to focus on tasks a better instead of being easily distracted. I can work now in silence for like 30 mins without having to put the radio on. I’m not sure if this due to the plan but it’s something I’ve noticed since doing the plan. ⠀

If you’re ready to start transforming your eating habits, live a healthier life, and love your body in 30 days… then this program is for you.

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